Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Wisdoms of Hazrat Luqman

1. Anything that you preach, practice it first.

2. Speak according to your rank.

3. Recognize the respect of people.

4. Recognize the rights of people.

5. Guard your secrets.

6. Test your friends in times of trouble.

7. Try out your friends in times of profit and loss.

8. Keep away from stupid people.

9. Be a friend of clever and wise men.

10. Show your efforts in good work.

11. Plan with clever and wise men.

12. Speak with affection.

13. Value your youth.

14. While you are young do the work of this world and hereafter.

15. Honor your friends.

16. Deal with your friends and enemies in an honest way.

17. Regard your parents as a blessing.

18. Regard your teacher as your best guardian.

19. Spend according to your income.

20. In all your work take the middle course.

21. Serve your guests to the best of your ability.

22. Make generosity a habit.

23. When entering somebody's home look after your eyes and tongue.

24. Keep your clothes and body clean.

25. Be friendly to your society.

26. Teach your son knowledge and discipline.

27. When dressing start by putting on your shoes and socks on your right foot, and when taking them off, begin with the left foot.

28. When working with somebody, work recording to his capacity.

29. While speaking at night, speak softly; and while speaking during the day, first keep an eye on all sides.

30. Don't stretch in front of people.

31. Anything that you don't like for yourself, don't prefer it for others.

32. Work with intelligence and planning.

33. Don't try to teach when you are not learned.

34. Don't set your heart on things which belong to others.

35. Form a habit of speaking less, eating less and sleeping less.

36. Don't undertake any work without thinking.

37. Undone work should not be thought as completed.

38. Do not leave today's work for tomorrow.

39. Don't joke with your elders.

40. Don't bore your elders with lengthy talks.

41. Do not encourage people to be rude to you.

42. Don't disappoint a man in need.

43. Do not remember past disputes.

44. Don't confuse your own good with the benefits of others.

45. Do not show your wealth to friends and enemies.

46. Don't ignore your relationship with relatives.

47. Don't scandalize about people.

48. Don't admire yourself.

49. If a group of men are standing, do likewise and stand.

50. Don't point fingers at others.

51. Don't pick your teeth in front of others.

52. Don't spit or clean your nose loudly.

53. When yawning keep your hand in front of your mouth.

54. Don't expect loyalty from ill-bred people.

55. Don't speak nonsense.

56. Don't make people ashamed in front of others.

57. Don't repeat something that has been said already.

58. Don't make signs with your eyes and eyebrows.

59. Don't praise yourself and your family in front of others.

60. Don't decorate yourself like a woman.

61. Don't do what your children want you foolishly to do.

62. Guard your tongue.

63. Don't gesticulate when speaking.

64. Look after the respect of people.

65. Don't mix with offenders.

66. Don't recall the dead by their ill-doings, because there is no benefit in it.

67. As long as possible try not to start fights and arguments.

68. Don't continuously test your strength on others.

69. Don't take an experienced person to be noble.

70. Don't eat your bread at the table of others.

71. Don't hurry in your work.

72. Don't grieve over worldly things.

73. Don't become acquainted with anybody that does not value himself.

74. At times of anger say things thoughtfully.

75. Don't clean your nose with your sleeves.

76. Don't sleep at sunrise.

77. When walking with your elders, don’t walk in front of them.

78. Don't interrupt while other people talk.

79. Don't rest your head on your knees in the presence of others.

80. While you are walking look where you are going and do not look around.

81. Don't order your guests to do something for you.

82. Don't get angry with any one in the presence of your guests.

83. Don't sit with loiterers and doubtful characters in the street.

84. Don't lose your respect for the sake of profit and loss.

85. Don't be a wastrel and proud of yourself.

86. Don't carry people’s enmity on to yourself.

87. Keep away from strife and trouble.

88. Be friendly to people, but not to the extent that you may lose your own respect.

89. Don't belittle yourself.

90. Devote your life and with Allah by truthfulness.

91. Devote your life and with your ego by discipline.

92. Devote your life and with people by being just.

93. Devote your life and with your elders by service.

94. Devote your life and with your young by being sympathetic.

95. Devote your life and with the poor by generosity.

96. Devote your life and with your friends by advice and love.

97. Devote your life and with your enemies by patience.

98. Devote your life and with the ignorant by silence.

99. Devote your life and with the wise men by respect.

100. Don't covet others wealth, and in this manner spend your life.

101. When you have a lot don't store, and when it comes, don't refuse it.

102. I have carried steel and stones but nothing is heavier than (the Amaanat) of Deen.

103. I have experienced comfort and pleasure, but nothing is more pleasurable than safety.

104. I have tasted bitterness of all kinds, but nothing is bitterer than dependence on others.

105. I learnt good manners from the bad mannered.

106. I learnt wisdom from the blind who don’t step forward without feeling the ground.

107. There can never be a spoken or written word from which the wise cannot derive benefit.

108. Even a hundred books of wisdom cannot make a fool wiser, if he is not ready to benefit from them.

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