Sunday, March 11, 2018

Investing, Business & Finance Podcasts

Some of my favorite Investing, Business & Finance Podcasts.


The Truth About Money with Ric Edelman

Odd Lots
Bloomberg News

Build Wealth Canada Podcast - Personal Finance Mastery
Kornel Szrejber: Investor, Strategist, Online Entrepreneur

Value Investor
Zacks - Tracey Ryniec

Zacks Market Edge
Zacks Investment Research

Deal of the Week
Bloomberg News

Bloomberg News

Investment Week Podcast
Anna Fedorova

Bloomberg Surveillance
Bloomberg News

Masters in Business
Bloomberg News

Investing Insights from (Audio)

Morningstar UK: Podcasts

Lance Roberts' Real Investment Hour
Lance Roberts


CNBC's "On the Money"

Market Wrap with Moe - Business Financial Analysis on Investing, Stocks, Bonds, Personal Finance and Retirement Planning
Moe Ansari | Asset Manager and Investment Advisor | Host of Market Wrap

InvestTalk - Investment in Stock Market, Financial Planning, Retirement Planning, Money Management Podcast
Steve Peasley & Justin Klein | Wealth Manager and Investment Advisor | Host of Invest Talk

Money Talks with Michael Campbell

Motley Fool Money
The Motley Fool

Motley Fool Answers
The Motley Fool

Money Matters with Wes Moss
Wes Moss

Charles Schwab’s Insights & Ideas Podcast

Crush The Street Interviews
Kenneth Ameduri

Vanguard: Vanguard Perspectives

Vanguard: Investment Commentary

The Meb Faber Show

Patrick O'Shaughnessy

This one's from Blackrock.
The Bid podcast

Crypto Voices

P&L With Pimm Fox and Lisa Abramowicz
Bloomberg News

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Power of letting go...

Lately I've noticed the more I let go, the better things seem to get. We're not talking about not caring or being passive. Focusing on excellence, be it something as simple as respecting yourself and others around to how you walk (Do you walk with a sense of hubris?).

Developing a habit of caring for Humanity (Unattached to the outcome). However also letting go of people (without malice or a sense of frustration) who don't return your respect, either they might not be able, don't know how to, or don't want to.

Let go and let Peace come to you.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Erosion of Human connections

This topic has been well written about, but people don't want to address it. Yet here I am again. I'm talking about real Human connection, not just WhatsApping, facebooking, tweeting etc.

More and more I've noticed people around me slip further away, and they don't realize it, that it's becoming worse and worse. It's adding more misery to the Human condition. We text all day, post all night, at the cost of going out and meeting people... Close Human contact.

Only divine light, I notice in all this is On that platform people actually meet later. Good people come together. Heck, even on Tinder to some extent.

To personally address this I've started to associate with people who actively want to spend time and engage with each other, not just facebook friends.

Let's slow down this erosion of our collective Humanity.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Squash shoes in the United Arab Emirates

Squash shoes aren't easy to find in the United Arab Emirates. Either most popular outlets don't carry them or have one or two models.

In my quest, I came across two places that had some. The Sun & Sand Sports Factory Outlet but unfortunately the Sun & Sand Sports Factory Outlet didn't have my insanely large big foot shoe size 48. The brand they had was just Nike, but wasn't expensive.

Then, thanks to a search on Amazon I came across a Japanese brand called ASICS. Fortunately asics has a strong presence in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. ACICS store in Dubai Mall.

Now I finally have my Squash shoes (happy face). The ASICS Gel-Blade 3 Squash and Badminton shoes.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My Review of Hush Puppies Venture - Men's - Shoes - Black

Originally submitted at

Stride comfortably down your career pathway in the Venture oxford from Hush Puppies. The soft leather lining is naturally breathable for corporate comfort. The profile is suited for business applications, crafted with waterproof leather to maintain attraction.

I would buy these shoes again and again

By Muzammil from Ajman, United Arab Emirates on 10/19/2011


5out of 5

Sizing: Feels true to size

Width: Feels true to width

Pros: Durable, Classic Design, Stable, Good Cushioning, Comfortable, Breathes Well

Best Uses: Casual Wear, Business Casual, Going Out, Date Night, Work

Describe Yourself: Conservative, Comfort-oriented

Bought my first brown colored pair of Ventures from Karachi, Pakistan. Have been looking for the same in black ever since.

Man these shoes are so well fitting if you have large or wide feet (mine are 11.5 wide, left foot slightly larger). Airport friendly metal detectors don't go off when you pass through.

These shoes taught me about shoe sizing, prior to buying these, I used to feel shoes were either too loose, or snug, because I have wider feet, these models make variations for wide or extra wide feet.

I will definitely buy another pair in case Hush Puppies stops making them (I hope not). Sadly they are not easily available all around the world.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mini-review - Victorinox Swiss Army Men's 241424 Dive Master 500 Chrono Black Dial Watch

Victorinox Swiss Army Men's 241424 Dive Master 500 Chrono Black Dial Watch

Amazon's service - 3/5

This was my first Amazon transaction, after placing an Int'l expedited order, and being charged, there was no activity for two days, then it was quickly shipped and I got it a day before in the United Arab Emirates, according to Amazon's delivery estimation. Considering its price and int'l shipping request. I was expecting the item to be shipped the next day, not two days later.

Watch mini-review - 4/5

Haven't had the watch for too long, but I had already tried the watch in a store, so I knew how it felt and looked on my wrist, before buying it from Amazon.

Subjective Pros
1. If you have thin wide wrists like me, in my opinion the chrono model with the additional crowns compliments my kinds of wrists better.
2. It does feel heavy, but I like heavy watches, best to get the bracelet sized from a reputed watch dealer, because the crown will slam against your wrist bone, if you shake a bottle or something yes it will hurt. Get it sized to fit for comfort!

2. Band/braclet doesn't pull any hair, very smooth.

Subjective Cons 

Objective Pros 
1. Solid construction, quality build.
2. Bracelet/band has full and half links for accurate sizing.

Objective Cons 
1. The dark PVD (physical vapor deposition) coating will scratch, not too much but eventually it will, you don't have to baby it. Read around, PVD coatings are known for getting scratched, high end Italian luxury watch maker Officine Panerai's CEO also said this.

2. The night lume on the hourly time markers isn't bright enough for me.


1. Would like to see an automatic with chrono and titanium.
2. PVD care and more general watch care instructions should be prominently mentioned in the manual. 

Updated Model is 

Victorinox Swiss Army Men's 241264 Dive Master 500 Ice Black Dial Watch

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Malaysia vs U.A.E.

Originally posted on Pretty much sums up why the United Arab Emirates is not the right place to build a long term future for the average investor.

With greetings from Malaysia
Posted by Saeid on Saturday 17 July 2010 at 10:28 UAE time

We left the UAE two months ago and already have a SDN BHD(equivalent of a LLC) in Malaysia.

It costs 2600 Dhs to start a business in Malaysia. Another 8000 DHs/ year for hiring two resident Directors. You will be the sole signatory of the company and will hold 99% of the shares. The other 1% can belong to who ever you want, even some one in another country. If you buy a shelf company which is what we did, it takes roughly 2 hours. And you're ready to go.

After getting your residency, you can be one of the Directors and when your spouse gets hers, then she can be the other. It will then cost about 400 Dhs a year to renew your license.

There are no employee visa issues here. There are plenty of Malays, Chinese and Indians who are looking for work. And they have great work ethics.

The retail space rentals are very cheap here. You will not make as much money as you once did in the UAE. But even in the UAE you will not make what you once did.

You will not have to have a place of business, such as an office, a shop, a warehouse,etc. You can work right out of your home if you need to and then expand as time goes on. The residential rental fees are very cheap too.

If some one is looking for employment, they should still consider the UAE, as there still is a job market there. But as an investor or a Start Up, I think South East Asia should be considered seriously.

As some people have suggested recently, Singapore seems like a great place too.

Another thing I can tell you about Malaysia, there are rules as to how things get done here. They have been in place for years, they make sense, and they don't get changed over night.

All that aside, the most important thing is, you will be respected as a human being.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Rights of expat workers in UAE

Let me first say, whatever rights, expat workers might have on paper are loosley enforced, So I’m posting a letter from the comments section of about the riots in Sharjah over wages. This letter is very good at describing, how the UAE labor law and justice system favors businesses with its swiss cheese of labor laws for each free zone and how any kind of protests are negatively portrayed in the UAE press.

Further reading: Wikipedia: Human rights in the United Arab Emirates

1,500 involved in shocking Sharjah riot
by Elsayed Elazony and Dylan Bowman on Tuesday, 18 March 2008

worker's unrest
Posted by PMS, dubai, UAE on 20 March 2008 at 15:00 UAE time

I would like to start by saying I am against all violence in any form
and I strongly condemn what happened in Sharjah. Having said that I feel that some of the commentators fail to understand the real issues.

Most laborers from India are victims of misinformation and exploitation by the nexus of employers in the gulf and the labour "agents" back home. I met a young man , hardly 20 years old who had paid such an agent Indian Rs. 1,50,000/- to
be considered for a job as sweeper in a mall. He told me his salary was Dhs. 500/- though he had been promised a lot more in India. 200 Dhs. were spent on his food, 25 dhs. on personal needs like toiletries, hair cut etc. Dhs. 200 he sent home and saved 75 Dhs. per month At the exchange rate of Rs. 11 per dirham he will need FIFTEEN years just to recover his investment in coming here. If you add to that the simple fact that the cost of living in Dubai has gone up and the Dirham has depreciated against the rupee you see the magnitude of the problem. If on top of that workers have inhuman living conditions are you surprised they riot ? I am NOT condoning violence I am just explaining the cause of it. No point in conspiracy theories of Indian political parties being behind this. The poor laborers can contribute nothing to their party funds and so they will not be bothered.

For the labour officials to say there are channels for lodging complaints is all fine but they really have no clue at how difficult it is for any one to approach the government agencies for justice. I once met a group of laborers who had not been paid their salary for 6 months and who wanted to lodge a complaint with the labor department. But the poor souls neither had their labor card ( company never gave it to them ) , their passport or visa copy ( company retained it ) or even the 10 dirhams that a typing shop asked of them to prepare their complaint in Arabic.

Where are the so called labor inspectors ? I remember reading that there was an acute shortage of them as many had resigned. As far as I know there is a serious shortage of inspectors and this is one major reason why workers still suffer in horrible conditions.

And where is the PRESS , who are supposed to be the champions for justice ? I must have written at least 25 letters on this very issue but the papers never publish them.

We hear often in the press of protesting workers being deported but never about any builders who have broken laws being jailed. Why ? We read about the rampage by some workers but never any in-depth investigation of the causes that led to it.

For the press or the authorities to just blame it on "instigators" is too simplistic an approach and seems more like and effort to avoid responsibility than a serious attempt to resolve the problem. Some how Raphael Nadal going up a lift to the top of Burj Dubai merits more attention than the plight of the workers who built the tower.

I am not a muslim but I have been told that the Prophet ( PBUH ) has said in the hadith ( right spelling ? ) that a worker must be paid his wages " before the sweat on his brow dries up". What an amazing concept of fairness and justice ! But here we regularly read of protesting workers who did not get their salaries for months on end and the labor officials claiming the problem was solved when the employer "promised to pay " . But there is no follow up in the press if the workers did indeed get their pay as promised. And there are NEVER any reports of any serious action being taken against the erring employers. All they seem to get are warnings.

As an educated and reasonably well to do person I have extreme difficulty sometimes dealing with the authorities to get even the basics of justice ( I've had lots of problems with my land lord who cut off water and electricity in an effort to illegally evict us ) so how can one expect an individual uneducated impoverished laborer who may be only speaks the dialect of his village and does not even have 10 Dhs. in his pocket to go and fight for justice ?

Prices of property in Dubai and Sharjah have gone up by more than 100% in the last year or so. Have the laborers salaries gone up by even 20% to offset the plunging value of the US $ ?

Why are speculators from around the world encouraged and invited to invest and make millions out of the property boom here and the people who actually CREATE this wealth with their bare hands denied any share of that pie ?

Finally - for all its claims to want to build a just and international community why does the UAE government not pass a law on minimum wage for unskilled workers and why does it not allow the formation of labor unions so that the workers have a legitimate voice ?

The people of the Indian subcontinent are not by nature violent. They suffer in silence until it becomes unbearable.

I would like to urge the Authorities to think deeply about this issue and come up with fair , just and long lasting solutions.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Dubai's Dirty Night Secrets (PBS Documentary)

A PBS documentary into Dubai's (Where men outnumber women 3 to 1) dirty secrets. A place that hardly enforces labor rights, in a Muslim country, where prostitution is illegal. Mimi Chakarova takes a closer look at Dubai's barely disguised sex trade and visits some of these clubs and captures the city's night secrets.

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Monday, July 23, 2007

Opera, Stop being so stubborn!

Opera is a very well designed browser and Internet suite but its still missing some little and big things, such as:

1. Downloads acceleration - Metalinks, segmented downloads whatever it takes, Opera should be really fast on all fronts.

2. Middle clicking ‘JavaScript links’ opens them in new tabs.

3. Progress bar for uploads - Eg: To X-Drive, Yahoo! Briefcase etc.

4. Extensions / Plugins.

5. SOCKS proxy support.

Last two are biggies but goodies, history seems to be repeating itself, for years Opera wasn't free, when it went free it got great press and lots of people converted, but now its about extensions or addons issue. People at Opera are either just too stubborn or just too scared to adopt extensions and release an API, as it might make opera less secure. Even if its just to shutup Firefox fanboys.